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  • Stuck on Gate

    I'm a new user here, checking this out for the first time so I don't know if I've missed some things or not, but I also don't know how to fix my problems right now. These may be user error or bugs in the script, I'm not sure.

    I got the cow killer to work perfectly, picking up hides and burying bones at Lumbridge East cows (across the river from the Castle), but it has trouble with banking. The bot seems to be trying to us Al-Kharid bank, which is fine since I did Prince Ali Rescue, but it just gets stuck on the gate. The bot talks to the guards, sometimes goes through and back, I don't know what it's up to lol. If I pause the script and walk through and away from the game manually, the bot picks itself up and banks like normal. It then gets stuck on the way back to the cows as well.

    Then I tried to set the bot to work on Lumbridge West where there's a cow pen near Farmer Fred. This also kinda worked. It worked for a while, looting items and what not, but then the gate to the pen closed. I don't know what was up with the bot, but now it kept on trying to walk just outside the pen for some reason. The inventory wasn't even full yet, so it's not like it tried to bank and got stuck this time. Since then the Lumbridge West profile just likes to stand outside the cow pen and rotate the camera occasionally when I load it up.

    So those are some problems that I faced when trying to use this bot, I'll be trying to play with settings to fix it and will keep this updated if there are any changes.
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    EDIT: The preset settings work sometimes for Lumbridge East, sometimes I'm still stuck at the Al-Kharid gate.