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    encountered majority of the random events and profisher will not recognize ANY random event/dismiss them at all ive had to baby sit (thank god i do) every random so far, its kinda sh!tty that i pay 15$ for a well designed script( it would be flawless if it had random events detection) but im testing out alot of scripts atm to see what is worth wild and yet this is the best one so far it is having this 1 major draw back because if yu have such a great script why let a simple detection for random events popping up when all you have to do is script it to right click dismiss? just a little positive feedback.

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    Can you let us know WHICH ones they are? I'll look into this. I believe if you turn "Randoms on" it will dismiss them. Otherwise, by default, it ignores them. Do you have randoms on?


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      yes i had it on. and it wasnt just randoms it was getting stuck at barb village, draynor, at al kharid it would run away constantly and bug out when the scorpion atk you and then it would click at the side of the building next to the bank, at lumby and teh walk back when you died. i got banned last night/morning on my main HC account! and my fisher account because of the randoms, it was the mysterious guy, the plant, the drill instructor, and the question dude it wouldnt even acknowledge them it acknowledges Bob the cat and the dwarf because id have a occasional kebab but other than that the randoms and the constant getting stuck at certain places clicking at a certain spots for 15+minutes is not cool. i gave the benefit of the doubt when i wrote this because it was my first day of use and i was doing the occasional baby sitting to see how it went but the fact it would get stuck and would not acknowledge certain randoms means its broken no matter how much it works. its like putting a bike tire on a bike with a broken spoke, ittl get by but its broken. i would like a refund please this is unacceptable. is there someone here that can process a refund for me please?
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        2 days going unanswered?