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  • Script progress

    I just started working on the Pro Mage Training Arena bot. In this thread you'll find information about the progress of the script and which features will be implemented. I will be updating it everytime I make progress.

    These are the current features that I have in mind. If there is anything else you would like to see, let me know.

    red = not yet implemented
    orange = work in progress
    green = finished

    Supported rooms:
    • Telekinetic Theatre - south
    • Alchemists' Playground - north
      • Detects magic level and uses low or high alchemy spell based on your level
      • Alchs free items when available
      • Looks for the highest value item and collects 3 pieces of every item it comes across (for later use)
    • Enchanting Chamber - west
    • Creature Graveyard east

    • Item buying in shop
    • Task system
      • Multiple room support
      • End task after gaining x amount of points
      • End task after gaining x amount of levels
      • Stop bot after all tasks are finished
        Preset tasks in GUI
    • Banking support
    • GUI
    • Antiban
    • Paint

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    New version has been released. Bot is done and will be up for sale very soon. Now is your chance to try it out before it goes on sale!