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  • Setup information

    The task system allows you to gain points in multiple rooms. Select the room you want to train, set the points or levels you would like it to end at and add it to the list. The bot will stop after all tasks are done.

    Note: If you do not fill in any points or levels the bot will just keep running the selected room.

    After each task the bot will go to the bank in the Duel Arena and get the required items for the next task. So make sure you have enough runes and required staffs in your bank.

    For now, the bot will automatically go into fixed screen size and reset the camera zoom. This is needed for the telekinetic room.

    Start the bot inside the bank or mage training arena with the required items and hat.

    Task setup recommendation:

    It is possible to gain up to 200k gold per hour and earn great magic experience at the same time. In the mage training arena shop you can buy items with the points you earn in the rooms. If you get a certain amount of points in each room you can buy one of these items from the shop and sell it at the Grand Exchange for some nice profit.

    For each room, check the points you need to buy the item and add it as a task. If you do this for all 4 rooms, the bot will eventually get the desired points in each room and you will be able to buy the item.

    Below is a table of the items you can buy with the required points in each room:
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    the bot gets stuck doing the first task on the preset task. please fix it


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      stuck on the second level of telekinetic


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        Same Issue. I do alchemy for a little while like 10 mins then it just stops, Even when i have the first staff and 10k Nature rune, I cant even do the first telekinetic map. Bot doesn't do anything. A little upset i paid for something i cant use.


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          bot gets stuck 2 lvl telekenetic.


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            I used so many bots in osrs and this one is litteraly a scam, I never seen a 15$ bot that inefective. Ive been trying for the past hour to just get it going on one task and no matter what, it says

            [06:55:11] STDERR at Source)
            [06:55:11] STDERR java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: ""
            [06:55:11] STDERR at java.lang.NumberFormatException.forInputString(Unk nown Source)
            [06:55:11] STDERR at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Unknown Source)
            [06:55:11] STDERR at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(Unknown Source)
            [06:55:11] STDERR at M.M(
            [06:55:11] STDERR at D.onRepaint(
            [06:55:11] STDERR at com.epicbot.iiIiIIiiIIiIi.ALLATORIxDEMO(ydc:220)
            [06:55:11] STDERR at com.epicbot.IIIIiIiiiiiiI.ALLATORIxDEMO(dec:72)
            [06:55:11] STDERR at com.epicbot.IIIIiIiiiiiiI.fireEvent(dec:141)
            [06:55:11] STDERR at com.epicbot.IIIIiIiiiiiiI.ALLATORIxDEMO(dec:357)
            [06:55:11] STDERR at com.epicbot.event.EventManager.processEvent(vac:16 )
            [06:55:11] STDERR at
            [06:55:11] STDERR at Source)

            In big red letters. Listen I dont program, Idk whats going on but I know I payed 20$CAN for that and it dosent work a bit....can I get help? Can you fix the bot you are selling or I just officialy got scammed like everyone else who bought that bot?