Hey guys I am not sure if I am posting in the right place as I had trouble finding a thread suitable for my question. I purchased some bots back in 2012 (using this account) when RS was still very similar to the Oldschool RS we have now. Pre EoC we're talking. The bots I purchased back in '12 were Fishing, Mining, Hunter, Thieving and Agility. After a while of playing RS3 when EoC came about I got a bit niffed with the whole action bar as I am an ex World of Warcraft player and quit the game. Recently I've fallen in love with Oldschool RS as it brings back all the nostalgia of years past. My question is this, in the RS3 bot client my purchases are still there for my 5 bots (from 7 years ago) but I do not wish to play RS3. Is there any way I can have the scripts swapped over to Oldschool so I can save myself like $60? If that's a bit tricky could I get a discount coupon at least so I can get back on the pro scripts?

Thank you for your time admins.

Tom Walsh.