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  • Botting service (Custom scripts)

    Hay guys, I have been working with a friend to develop some custom made scripts that are less likely to be detected within the Runescape community, we offer many different bots but as for now we are are short on a few scripts. Fresh scripts are made fortnightly to bring you the best experience with us as possible, we hope you stick with us long enough to see your account grow in levels and value the time and effort it takes to securing each code and script. We offer the following as of now.

    [Graceful alone - 10m or $8.50 Paypal at $0.85/m
    1-99 Agility - 20m or $17.00 Paypal at $0.85/m (Includes graceful)
    1-99 Fishing 15m or $12.75 Paypal at $0.85/m (All fish will be banked)
    1-99 Mining 15m or $12.75 Paypal at $0.85/m (All Ores will be kept in bank)
    1-99 Thieving 12m or $10.20 Paypal at $0.85/m (All Coins will be in the bank)
    1-99 Attack 20m or $17.00 Paypal at $0.85/m
    1-99 Strength 20m or $17.00 Paypal at $0.85/m
    1-99 Defence 20m or $17.00 Paypal at $0.85/m


    If this post is not allowed please remove and if it is in the wrong please please move it! Thank you!

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    Not many slots left for botting I only do 5 bots active at once


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      maybe this will kick start the marketplace!!


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        Can anyone vouch for this guy?