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  • ban after 1 day ...

    so bought 3 scripts but only really used one and watched it run most of the time for part of a day talking to people at the same time. get up to get a drink come back and perm banned for macros.. cheers epic bot waste of 50 bucks ...

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    what was you botting?


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      was you taking breaks?? always take a random break don't have to be very long 5 seconds to like 2 mins


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        I had this problem back in May, I've been a member of EpicBot for a while now. I ended up getting my main account of like 10 years at the time banned. Then a few months later my alt got banned on OS. Then a couple years later a new account got banned one day into botting and I made sure that all my breaks and stuff were set.. and I literally just paid for members and it was banned the same day I created it. Im starting another os account as we speak, and if it gets banned my tomorrow, ill report it. Because if we are spending money on scripts then the people that still run this bot need to step their game up, even though they're not responsible for bans. I just figure if we are spending money on bots, it should be worth it. This bot is not like it used to be many years ago, where you can bot for many, many days straight and runescape not catch it.. but now you fart in the wrong direction and they have the detection team giving you a colonoscopy lol


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          If you are using the same IP then you are on the black list for botting. Use a proxy and you'll be fine.


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            at the end of the day that's the risk u take botting....