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    EpicBot Open Scripting - Getting Started (API, Java Docs, JAR, SDN Access)

    EpicBot has announced open scripting to the community of EpicBot. You can get started RIGHT NOW by porting over your old scripts from other inferior bots or even starting a completely fresh script. We realize there are still some scripts we are lacking or scripts that might need to be improved upon or updated from our previous big update. Now is your chance to show us your skills and make some scripts of your own!

    Please note: This is not for farming or making private scripts. Selling private scripts is strictly forbidden and result in perm. / IP ban for those caught doing so. This is also not for creating private farming scripts either for personal use. The purpose of open scripting is to create more scripts for the community and collaborate collectively on EpicBot and its platform.

    Resources Information:
    The information you will need to begin is:
    API: - Under API block, you'll see "EpicBot" - that is the API. Download it!
    EpicBot.jar: Download by installing EpicBot from
    Java docs:
    SDN (to upload your scripts):

    1. Create a new project in your favorite IDE and add API jar to the classpath and Epicbot.jar as well!

    2. Create a new class file in the default package, which will become the main class of your script.

    3. The compiled classes must be put in one of the following directories:
    For windows: "C:\Users\Username\Application Data\EpicBot\Scripts\"
    For linux: "~/epicbot/Scripts/"
    For Max: "./Scripts/"

    4. To run the script, login into the bot using your username and password.
    Press start and when done correctly, the scripts should pop up with your Custom/Local Script.
    Make sure you name your scripts differently to existing scripts, otherwise it will not work!

    5. Our new script selector will reflect the public scripts. Each public script uploaded will be manually reviewed by us, including any subsequent updates/pushes. We will be using this as a way of identifying potential talent that wants to be recruited for PRO Script Writers as well. You can submit your newly created script sources here:

    The following ranks will be part of script writing from this point forward:
    PRO Script Writer - User who writes PRO scripts, has highest level of scripting access. Hand picked talented users.

    Script Writer - User who writes some free / VIP scripts, eligible to be picked as PRO if their knowledge warrants such. Must have 2 working scripts to become a Script Writer rank. This rank is for script writers who are not making paid scripts.

    Normal User - Normal users, everyday users, also have access to open scripting. These users are just your average normal everyday users.

    Any user who reads this should spread the word to other sites and forums that EpicBot has released an open scripting platform for all users to participate. We are eager to get some new faces around here with some new talent coming to the best and most safe botting platform to ever exist. Don't believe those claims? Just try us and compare!


    Q: Is packaging supported?
    A: Yes. Packinging is supported, though your main class that derives from ActiveScript or ActiveLoopScript should be in the default package.
    Ex: Make sure your Main class which extends either ActiveScript or ActiveLoopScript is outside any package within a script package, i.e if you have a package called woodcutting which has all your woodcutting classes, your main class should be within the woodcutting package but outside any subpackages (example:

    Don't put logic in the main class, for my scripts it's just an entry point and it has 3 functions:
    - onStart
    - onStop
    - onRepaint(PaintListener)

    If you need access to the running script use Environment.getActiveScript()

    Q: Which java version should i use?
    A: Java 8 is not supported. We recommend Java 7.

    Q: Where do I store my local scripts at?
    A: In your AppData\EpicBot\Scripts\ folder (go to Windows Search bar, enter %appdata% and look for EpicBot folder and click into it and look for the Scripts folder). Examples of the directories can differ from different versions of Windows, but some typical ones are:
    C:\Users\<Username>\Application Data\EpicBot\Scripts\
    C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\EpicBot\Script s\

    Ask questions. Request more information. We are compiling helpful information the more you ask the more we can help!
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